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Ahmadiyya Muslims to hold major convention in Galway

Originally posted by the Galway Advertiser on Thursday, June 28, 2012. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, Ireland will hold its 11th Jalsa Salana, or annual convention, this Sunday, at Clayton Hotel. The day-long event will...


Muslim Youth Present Gifts To The Homeless

Originally published by Newsgroup, Tallaght News (page 12) on February 20, 2017. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association is an auxiliary of members up to 40 years of age, within the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association. Its aim and...


Don’t send us to our death’ plead Irish Muslims

This article was originally written by Jim Cusack of the Irish Independent on September 7, 2014.  Another article on the same topic was also published by Connacht Tribune on September 12, 2014, titled “Galway...